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"It's not what you see that matters but how you see it".

I have been in the visual arts field for over 10 years providing clients with services in photography and design. I specialize in the hospitality industry and as such, food and interiors form the bulk of my portfolio.

Here's what I think... as customers start to expect more from the hospitality industry, the greater that industry's need for high-end creatives that deliver the desired impact.

After all, till a guest enters a room or has food laid out on their table, they've simply arrived at the property by buying a "perception". They've bought your product based on the "packaging".

Creating that "perception" is where my strength lies.

I am based in Toronto and my clients include, among others, hotels such as the Marriott, Renaissance, Park Plaza, Howard Johnson, Ramada and the Glen Grove Suites.

I can be reached at 416-545-9902 but if you're calling in the summers, expect to see me on the golf course trying desperately to break a 100 :)


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